Trimula Industries Ltd. Will generate more direct and indirect employment opportunity for nearby village. Presently we have 60% employment from near villages. The company will maintain same status for all its future expansion.
Company determined to provide clean and green environment. The power plant is the solution for the same. The power plant will consume char, the byproduct generated from DRI operation. It also consumes coal fines generated in coal crusher.
The company acquired separate 30% of its land for green belt. Already 30000 trees have been planted in this region. To add further more we made a policy to plant 10000 trees every year with proper consultation with Forest department. This enables the better and greener environment.
The area GODWALI is drastically declared draught area. To meet water Requirement Company made five water pond as reservoir. This reservoir is not only meeting the plant water requirement but also maintain underground water level of nearby area. Due to this all hand pump and well are not getting dry in peak summer. The company already planned to increase number of such reservoir in near future. Already sixth pond is under construction.
The company already made provision to monitor air quality, water quality and noise level from Pollution Control Board. The same will continue for all its future expansion. This will help to protect the environment better. If any immediate preventive and corrective action required the company follow the same proper consultation will pollution control Board experts. This will not only provide better working condition inside plant but also to nearby area.
The company reserved 2% of its profit for CSR development. The fund will be utilized to upbringing condition of nearby villages. The fund will be planned to invest in:

  • For development of quality education in the area. This includes providing assistance in education need like distributing books and scholarship for nearby villages.
  • For better hygiene and sanitation facility in villages.
  • For assistance to bring quality crop production facility in the area. The same will be done by proper consultation of renowned expert agriculturist. If any extra training and guidance required the same will be incorporated.
  • The part of fund will be reserved for developing forestation in nearby area.

Apart from CSR activity in this project company planned to open one higher secondary school in plant premises for its staff where equal scopes for villagers are also kept. The school will run as per norm of Madhya Pradesh Higher Secondary Education Board, Bhopal.
The project already had a provision of opening Hospital in plant premises. The hospital opened will have one MBBS doctor and Ambulance facility to provide primary health checkup and first aid facilities. The hospital will be commonly utilized for staff and villagers. There is also provision to provide basic health and family planning guidelines villages. All necessary training camp will be organized time to time.
The project has already provision for upbringing status of nearby operating Technical Institutes like ITI and Polytechnique. The necessary seminars will be arranged.

The necessary certificates issued to all qualified students so that they can be well absorbed in society. The necessary placement can be made according to qualification and requirement of plant.
The expansion of project demands more manpower for its operation. This already generates the secondary expansion of demand like canteen, transportation and basic needs. This will generate opportunity for indirect employment like consumption of vegetable, basic commodity, dhabas as transportation will increase. This will boost the size of existing market. Villagers have opportunity to sell their commodities to plant area only. Also there is opportunity to open new shop and dhabas in nearby area. This will also boost the consumption for opening new fast food corner and boost the demand for existing one.
The plant will provide all socio economic growth opportunity for its staff and villagers. This will boost the demand of skilled and unskilled worker. The villagers have opportunity to work in plant area when there is slack period in harvesting. With joint involvement of company and villagers no stone can be made unturned. With joint efforts of company and villagers leads to arrange Community Development Program (CDP) in society where people have equal opportunity to discuss their common problems and find solution for the same. This will leads to boost morale of villagers. This also has opportunity to tap the necessary talents and generate scope for utilizing these talents. Under CDP necessary gathering for pujas and bhajans will be arranged which will uplift the status of society. In CDP various lectures and guideline will be discussed to solve problems of villagers. The expansion of project will also lead opportunity for Entrepreneur Development Program (EDP). Under this opportunity will be generated for an opening of the new workshop, fly ash brick making plant, market for two/ four wheelers and tractors, lubricants, cement, poultry farms, steels, hardware shop. This opportunity will be available for villagers only.