Post project environmental monitoring is important in terms of evaluating the performance of pollution control equipments installed in the project. The sampling and analysis of the environmental attributes will be as per the guidelines of CPCB/MPPCB. Following attributes will be covered in the post project environmental monitoring in and around the project site:

  • Ambient air quality monitoring on bi-weekly, 24 hours basis in the plant area and in the surrounding villages with respect to SPM, PM, SO2, NOx and CO.
  • Source emissions will be mentored on monthly basis. Automatic continuous online monitoring system shall be installed in the stacks.
  • Water quality monitoring at intake point, surface water bodies and ground water in
    the surrounding villages. Further, the wells around the ash pond area will be identified and monitored on the monthly basis.
  • Treated wastewater before routing to clarifier will be analyzed on fortnightly basis. The pH, temperature, electric conductivity, TDS and flow will be monitored regularly.
  • The noise level will be recorded in and around plant. The noise levels at boundary of the plant will be recorded on monthly basis
  • The soil quality around ash pond area will be monitored on six monthly basis for the fertility of the soil
  • All the results will be compiled and thoroughly analyzed to assess the performance of the power plant
  • The results will be reported on regular basis to the Madhya Pradesh State Pollution Control Board and regional office of MoEF
  • Ecological monitoring
  • EC_MERAL_Coal_Block
  • Transfer of EC
  • EC Compliance July 2023-Dec 2023 16.03.2024